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  • Is trading of electronics welcome is SA?


    Before I used bidorbuy, I did not know people in SA are so friendly.

    I do trade actually in a professional area of security, we're technical guy. Just wonder if you have any idea about the market potential or situation in SA and nearby for the security types of items liked CCTV, alarm, access control, etc.

    Your feeback is highly appreciated.

    Regards, Dennis

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    It is a growing market, with a number of people already supplying most of the items needed.

    But it has alot of room for growth and competition,
    which will be good for the end users.

    Regards, Shane
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      You should note the following though!

      Any electronic item utilizing more than 35V (mains - IEC-60950) may only be imported under a LOA (Letter of Authority) issued by our SABS. In order to obtain the LOA you need a CB
      test report indicating compliance to either IEC-60950, or IEC-60050 as the case may be.

      many small sellers get away with importing without the LOA, but as soon as they try to import bigger volumes to accomodate their growing business - they risk confiscation by SA Customs, and possible legal action as well for contravening the "Compulsory Standards Act".