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  • Sourcing agent and drop shipper in Guangzhou,China

    Hello,my name is Robin, I have a small individual but professional sourcing Office located in Guangzhou, China.

    I am familiar with the products,such as:handbags,purses,shoes,belts,clothes,jewreys,ele ctronic products, and so on.and has good relationships with factories in these area.

    If you need someone to help you soucing these products in China or finding a real factory for OEM.maybe my service is a good choice for you.

    if you come to China,i will arrange an interpreter to guide you to your target wholesale markets to search out products you need. i also can guide you to the appropriate factory to discuss all detail face to face with them and make order.

    If you are absent of China,i still can help you sourcing products or fatories you wanted,and give you the infomation you want to know.i can help to arrange all detail from order to shipment,and help you to contact the suppliers you have business connections and supervise quantity, quality, delivery, samples, and so on. And i will be your sourcing agent and drop shipper in China.

    If you have interest in any items or my services, please feel free to contact Robin (contact details deleted - admin)

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    Hi robin

    please read the forum policy: NO ADVERTISING AND NO LIVE LINKS
    Home made chocolates at its best!


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      Thank you Admin, i will not do that again.


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        You say you wont do it again, but just have as you again have your website address in your signiture.

        I would not deal with you as you say one thing but do another, also your site only has free email contact emails addresses listed (like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo) this is also a bit suspicious for a large company.

        Why not use your own email are you trying to hide something.
        Regards, Shane
        A dedicated Web-Junkie who provides affordable internet services for ALL.
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          Hello southerns,

          Sorry for misunderstanding, there are someting i must say:

          1)I said i will not advertise,you say you can get my webstie through my signiture, yes,it is true,but you must know without my signiture, you still can easy go to my website just click the "www" button bellow my subject.
          Now i change my signiture,it is Ok?

          2)In China,most people use free email, it is my fault?

          Anyway,Thanks for your advice!


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            The reason we are so cautious of those email addresses is that there are alot of scam / Fake sites that come over as this big wholesaler but use online email accounts.

            When you buy from them nothing arrives.
            The site design and layout of theses fraudulant sites is very similair to yours.

            also posting in alot of threads to promote your site is no liked on the forum.

            This is an advice forum for BidorBuy not an advertising forum
            Regards, Shane
            A dedicated Web-Junkie who provides affordable internet services for ALL.
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              Long time no see.Happy new year ,my friends!


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                Sourcing From Guangzhou

                Hi Robin,

                Our company has a fully fledged office in Guangzhou. Welcome to the Forum.

                We also have a transitional/forwarding office in Shenzhen. We find that servicing our customers across the globe is much easier operating out of China than South Africa.

                Besides when we employ Chinese staff - they are able to market across the globe, rather
                than just here.

                If you PM me we can talk about some products I am interested in sourcing.


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                  Please note - should you wish to advertise or conduct business dealings it must be through the bidorbuy main site, you may not use the forum to solicit, transact or conclude business and deals, nor contact user's through PM's to gain contact details. You must list these as Classifieds/Business Opportunities on the main site or under the correct category on the bidorbuy site. Users who continue to do this will be disabled or blacklisted.

                  Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

                  Kind regards
                  Cuan Akal


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                    I fully understand the BOB policy on advertising on the forum.

                    I guess it is to stop people from contacting one another and buying and selling to each other directly.

                    If one reads the thread - it is clear that we have a discussion about sourcing products in China so that we could bring them to the BOB market place - where they would be offered for sale - increasing sales activity on BOB.

                    This Robin charachter is directly propositioning your bob sellers to provide them with a ready source for producs that they could sell on bob, he is actually opening a door for your sellers into a wholesale market, which most of them don't have access to. By accessing that market they would have access to more products, which would ultimately end up as bob listings.

                    The spirit behind the rule is to prevent bob from losing sales comissions, and in this case the actual discussion that Robin initiated would be quite the contrary, providing your sellers with direct sources to factories, and thus increasing the listings on bob.

                    I understand though that is easier to apply a rule by it's letter than by it's import --- so so be it!


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                      Hi cctvpro

                      Thanks for the post, and yes, this started as a general discussion on this topic but when the user starts propositioning our community, this is a no-no. There are ways in which this can be done using the BoB site (classified ads etc.). The forum is not meant to be a trading place nor a free advertising platform - we are trying to protect our users and business interests, but we do understand the reasons around this topic.

                      But instead of doing it via the forum this user could have listed it as a business opportunity and then would have legitimately been able to contact the interested parties regarding access to wholesale products. Unfortunately we are becoming inundated with users from overseas countries who use our forum to solicit new business or spam the forum with products and services.

                      Thanks again for your input.

                      Kind regards


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                        Of course we don't want users spamming the forums with product offers!

                        :) I haven't used BoB for some time, and ain't familiar with the classifieds section but that does seem like his offering might be more at home there --- something along the lines of:

                        "Source direct from China factories - ", would he be allowed to post his contact details in that ad?


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                          Hi cctvpro

                          Yes, you may post contact details in a classified ad. Alternatively he could list the items in the Wholesale category if he was looking for business that way. This would be the correct way of doing it without circumventing the bob process and fees.

                          Kind regards


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                            He's not actually selling any products from my understanding!

                            He is offering to facilitate for others who may want to source specific products from
                            the factories in his area!

                            For instance , you want to buy handbags from china. Robin is the guy who will find the factory, check out their quality, process your payments, do your pre-shipment inspections, etc, etc.....thats actually what he means by a sourcing office.

                            However, he could still advertise that service in the classifieds - if I am understanding it correctly!

                            Of course I didn't get to visit the linked site, and if that site was full of a lot of products -- as is common in China, then perhaps he isn't quite honest about what he's offering!


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                              That is possible, but then a classified ad offering his services would be more appropriate.

                              Kind regards