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  • bidorbuy Gauteng Top Sellers Awards Evening

    Hi Everyone

    We recently held an awards evening on the 22nd May for the top sellers in the Gauteng region. I am happy to say that it was a well attended (well over 100 people) and the evening involved dinner, an awards ceremony and a charity auction, all held at Primi Piatti in Melrose Arch. But I guess you all want to know who won right????

    The top seller for 2007/2008 was RandCoin, with Redhawk and GamesXchange close behind. The winner received a lovely trophy and hamper whilst the runners up received certificates for their efforts. Although we do realise not everyone can be the top seller, we value each and every sellers input and effort on our site, you make bidorbuy a fun and exciting place to buy, sell and get addicted!

    After the dinner was served and the awards presented, we held a charity auction, which I think went really well (we had a real auctioneer, Glen, who did a great job), we managed to raise R13600 on the evening, and sold some really fantastic items, including a Moyo meal voucher for 4, and overnight stay at the Westcliffe, a commemorative Manchester United picture collection (framed), several pre-loaded Visa credit cards to the value of R7000, a large Clint Strydom photo print, and a Michael Schumaker framed autographed cap... (I won that!!), with all the proceeds going to the Starfish Foundation. Thanks again to the winners of the auctions - GoldWorld, AngelaBraun, Great Value, The Banker, and Cindysn - your contributions will definitely help some very needy children.

    Thanks again to all who attended, it was great to finally meet many of you face to face (and NOT talk business for a change ;-) ).

    To all our sellers out there, thank you too, for all your effort and hard work, it is appreciated, and we look forward to a prosperous 2008!

    Kind regards

    PS - thanks for leaving me with the bar bill!!!! ;-)

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    Hi there Cuan, we also would like to thank you guys for a very lovely evening and yes, it was very interresting meeting and seeing some of the people face to face, we had a wonderful time and the venue was very nice, just a pitty there wasn't more items on auction.

    When will we be seeing the photo's that was taken?

    Thank you

    PS How much do we owe you for the coffee? :P
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      I will be doing a blog on this with pics.... next week.



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        Hi Cuan,
        Please place a link to the Blog when done with it.

        Regards Herman


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          bidorbuy Forum Administrator

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            Thank you !


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              Hi there! Any posibility we might see a seller ranking list somewhere on the BoB site soon? Although I was invited to the dinner, I could not attend at the last minute due to my kids. Is there a, lets say, top 200 seller list for 2007/2008 that can be shared with us?

              Riaan (Jacobsr)


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                Hi Riaan

                Unfortunately we won't be publishing a list for privacy reasons.



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                  Hi All

                  We have added a post to the blog - click here to go to it... pics included...


                  We have also added some other interesting tidbits for you there.

                  Kind regards


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                    Lalala, why wasnt I invited lol
                    There are 3 kindz of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't


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                      hi there

                      WOW bid or buy goes all out hey thats fantastic !!!!! :D

                      i did not know u have got these events for the top sellers very
                      nice indeed

                      thanks for such a fantastic site and forum i am learning every day :lol:

                      I am a seller and a love it and thanks Bid or Buy and Morne for a great
                      place to sell ill work hard to get a invite one day he he !!!

                      keep your eye on the pixie he he :P she's gonna super fly :P

                      do these happen every year ? and to what number qualify ex:1-100 top sellers ? what was the total of the winner ?

                      how do u qualify to stand in line for this, over how many sales ???

                      thank u pixiesbodystudio :D

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                        Hi there and welcome to the forum pixiesbodystudio

                        We try host these annually, usually aroundthe middle of the year.

                        Currently we base it on fees paid to bidorbuy, which is directly linked to a user's sales (turnover). We normally invite the top 100 in a centre like Gauteng, and smaller groups in the other regions like E. Cape, Durban, and W. Cape, and as we grow we may increase this number.

                        We do not divulge the top seller's figures. There is no set minimum or maximum amount to qualify, selection is based on the above fees and turnover.

                        Best of luck on the site.



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                          hi there cuan

                          thank u for the reply

                          did not want the Rand figure just the sales fig but its ok i understand
                          the privicy issue

                          Happy to be part of the forum and a seller to :P

                          have a fantastic day


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                            in the other regions like E. Cape, Durban, and W. Cape,
                            I am so dissapointed! I thought I might JUST qualify for the party, but my province is apparently not even on the list of considered areas.
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                              Hi Cuan

                              I have tried several ways to get in touch with you but with no luck. Hope this reaches you.
                              I would just like to say Thank you for an awesome evening we had in Port Elizabeth. To meet you and some of the sellers was a real treat and to finally put a face to BOB.

                              I am surely going to try and be there next year again just to see you and all the other wonderfull sellers from Port Elizabeth. It really was magnificent!!!!!!! An evening that will be remembered for a long time.

                              Take care