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  • R500 reward! Calling all members!

    Hi All

    BoB is offering a R500 reward for reporting illegal items or fraudulent activities. As valued members of our community and contributors to our safety and security efforts, BoB has decided to give a member of our community R500 a month for community watch reports or alerts, if they prove to be correct or valid.

    What we need from you is a link to the item and what is suspicious about the listing. Please provide as much fact and documentation as is possible to substantiate your report/alert. No personal attacks or false/unsupported accusations or allegations will be tolerated or entertained. If the report or alert does not include this it will be removed.

    Please use the “Spot a problem” link on the listing or email your report through to

    You can still report the minor infringements and policy contraventions as per normal, but these won’t be considered for the R500 reward, for example, reporting someone for multi listing or contact links etc.

    The reward recipient will be randomly drawn at the end of the month and the R500 credited to their bidorbuy account. Please note: the same user cannot receive the reward again within a 3 month period. We reserve the right not to continue with the reward programme at any time, we also reserve the right to remove any reports that do not comply with the requirements above.

    This is effective immediately.

    Kind regards

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    ILLEGAL ITEMS and the reward

    Good Morning

    I really have a problem with this reward. It encourages nitpickers and busybodies. We do not need censorship in SA. Most worldwide auction sites allow the sale of replica products as long as it is advertised as such.
    If somebody thinks they are buying a genuine palboy item for R100, they should do there homework first and stop being so naive.


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      Thank you for your comments. Replica's can be considered an infringement of copyright and trademark, and can lead to legal and criminal action being taken against you, most international sites do try police this, and some have been sued for allowing these items to be listed.

      Kind regards
      Cuan Akal


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        let them be!

        Its all those nitpickers and busy bodies that keep this a safe trading inviroment for those of us who are in it for the long haul!

        so as far as I am concerned they can carry on forever!
        If the sunrise was meant to be appreciated it would only come up at 10am!
        Items I have for sale.


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          I totally agree, why are there rules if they are not to be enforced? It is the nitpickers who pick on the community watchers. If you sell illegal items and are breaking general codes of ethics then you should be scared


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            hear hear talamia long live the nitpickers
            If the sunrise was meant to be appreciated it would only come up at 10am!
            Items I have for sale.


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              wow... I was going through my accounts history to work out some fees and did not even realise it but I won the October R500 reward!

              I didn't even know! I never thought I would, I was just doing what I always did, kept a vigilant eye out :)

              Thanks bidorbuy! What a lovely surprise :)