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  • Experienced Buyers Have A Duty!!

    HI ALL
    I am calling on all experienced buyers to become more active in ensuring bob is a safer place for sellers and buyers alike.In my field i finD their are more cowboys every day,not necessarily being dishonest but having no clue as to what they are selling and totally misrepresenting the facts and the description of the items they are selling.

    Their are many experienced buyers out there who can spot these discrepancies and report them to the seller and if he then does not take action,then to comm watch!!
    As i have said before i cannot point out these problems as sellers take it the wrong way and could consider that my motives are personal as i also sell that same product.

    Not so!!I welcome sellers AS COMPETITION IS HEALTHY but know your product and be honest and ensure your descriptions and pricing is accurate and not guess work!!
    Please all buyers if you spot something is not kosher then please report it so we can have an ethical and clean site.Not just in the stamp field but all areas.

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    Hi Neil, couldn't find any kosher products on the site. In a "Food Items" category maybe?:p
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      Too bad our efforts are undermined by "Discreet" auctions.
      Obligatory link to my listings.


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        Neil unfortunately most problems can only be spotted by those experianced in their field.

        If you spot something amiss in the stamp section and point it out to the the person in a friendly manner most users (I hope)would be happy to be saved from making a mistake.

        At the same time it may be an idea to get another user you know well, to
        point it out a few hours later.

        Most of the time one can tell if a user is deliberately misrepresenting a product. Often items are listed in good faith and mistakes are just plain ignorance.

        My knowledge of stamps is "Well maybe there may be something good in this bunch" if they are offered to me but to pick out the finer points on a listing or in any bunch of stamps is limited.
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