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  • Scammed on a battery grip

    I bid on a battery grip - Batteries & Chargers - New MB-D10 Battery Grip For Nikon D300 / D300S / D700 w/ IR Remote control & Car Charger was sold for R278.00 on 23 Jun at 23:31 by Neux in Johannesburg (ID:23098880) - which was clearly advertised as an MB-D10 (a nikon product), it arrived and was a cheap chinese clone of the item, on the box it was indicated as a NIKD300B, so no possible confusion there.

    I contacted the seller who after telling me that there was a confusion and was I sure that it wasn't an MB-D10, told me to return the item and that he would replace it with an MB-D10.

    I asked for a photo of the item that he was planning on mailing me as I did not believe that he had an MB-D10. I got this in reply.

    "You are right, I do not have an MB-D10 in stock nor do I have stock of the item you purchased from me."

    My question is, this person has obviously deliberately advertised the item as an MB-D10 hoping to fool buyers. When caught out, his reply is I'll refund you. Is there no recourse to force him to give me the item I paid for, and is there no penalties for false advertising on BOB?


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    Hi there,

    When purchasing on BoB one cannot stress enough...RATINGS, RATINGS, RATINGS!!

    This user has received Neuterals regaring the same issue and product that you are reffering to.

    It is a compatible Chinese Version.

    Whilst I understand your frustration, I also feel that when something is a BARGAIN...ASK..ASK...ASK!!

    Luckily I don't deal in any sort of cheap Chinese imports, but I know that when I see something on Bob at a lower price than its origional worth I always check the sellers ratings....they seldom lie.

    However, Report to if you feel you have been genuinly done in.


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      thanks for the reply.

      two things, one - can you point me at the ratings in question for the same item. I can't seem to locate it and would like to add it to my mail.

      two, is the general approach of Bob that one is allowed to try pass off fake items as genuine? and when caught the only reproach is for a refund?



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        I agree totally with droreyal! There are waaaay to many lookalikes/fakes/copies/generic products masquerading as the real deal around here. Very few of the sellers are at least honest enough to describe the items as "compatible" or something in those lines but the vast majority of sellers would like you to believe that their common flea market items are the real thing.
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          Bid or buy will take action if you can provide evidence that the item was misrepresented. Technically, the seller did not say genuine item in his listing, but I feel that if an item is not the real thing, then it should be stated on the listing somewhere.. eg : generic item, which you will find in some of my listings. Anything else, in my humble opinion, is dishonest..
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            Thank you, we have now taken the necessary action against the seller as it is the sellers responsibility to accurately describe the items they are listing.
            Morne Booysen
            Security Enforcement Officer


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              Thanks for the replies guys.

              Morne: Out of curiosity what is the action that was taken?

              kebs: it wasn't like saying a ford look-alike bakkie for sale and then shipping through a honda bakkie, more like advertising a 2007 Ford Bantam and and selling a 2001 Honda Ballade. The ad said an MB-D10 which is the model number of a specific Nikon battery grip.


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                Scammed on a battery grip

                We also sell generic battery grips for various cameras. Our listing for our generic MB-D10 grip states clearly "Zeikos MB-D10 Vertical Multi-Power Battery Grip (Model number ZE-NBG300)"
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