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  • Reserve price question

    Hi if i had a bid on a reserve priced item which was below the reserve price as well as an auto bid up to R50 more and no one else bid can the seller automatical take the higher auto bid as the winning bid or must they use the listed bid amount when it closed with the reserve being secret can the seller then kust up your bid with no other bidders it seems a bit wrong as the auto bid was the amount i would have paid if i was being bid against not what i wanted to pay with out any bidders thanks for your input

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    You could ask the seller to put it up at the reserve price or the price you were prepared to pay.
    If the item is not listed again ask her through another listing.


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      MMMM I was told i out bid myself using auto bid which is strange as i had no email which is usual which said your bid has been increased and i am not sure how you can out bid yourself in an auction where no one else has bid seems a bit suspect to me i will make the seller an offer of what my bid was before the funny goings on


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        I seem to remember reading somewhere that with reserve price auctions, if you make a automatic bid over the reserve price value, if the auction closes with no other bids on, your bid will automatically be increased to the reserve price to win the auction. If your auto bid was below the reserve price, the auction would close with no winners

        See here
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          Hi Donovik

          Thanks for that it would seem i was mistaken strangethat in the end you get into a bidding war with your self not sure what the point of that is if i had wanted to know the reserve price i could just have asked and then set my bid accordingly non the less my fault


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            The bidorbuy system has (or that had now?) a problem whereby you can actually bid against yourself. :o
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