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  • Asking help of anybody in the know !!!

    I opened my BoB site tonight AND WHERE THE USER NAME APPEARS, SO DOES MY NAME !!! Is the username not meant to protect your identity !! I am most upset. HOW ON EARTH COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED. And then i sign into Forum under my username !! Makes NO sense !!!
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    If you logged into your admin panel only you can see what is there (for your eyes only) - if only on the general site without logging in with your password, then maybe you should report it because it should not be openly available.
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      Thanks BeadsandBaubles ....... but i am quite sure it was not there before. There was only your Username, city, date of membership and your bob id number. I obviosly panicked for nothing. thanx for your help.


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        We can assure you that only you view this information and it has always been there.

        Please see my previous response on your other post. Please do not create multiple posts on the same issue.

        Thank you.

        Kind regards