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  • RSS Feeds

    We will introduce RSS feeds in the next few days. Although still in development, you can utilise the feeds below and provide us with suggestions/feedback in this thread.

    The intention is that feeds will be available across all categories in the WhatsNew/ClosingSoon/WhatsHot section as well as make feeds available for individual items.

    Due to the sheer volume of listings, there are some limitations:
    • * Each feed is regenerated every 15 minutes
    • * Each feed only carries 100 items. We might expand on this, but currently the main feeds are already 250KB per feed.
    • * The feeds will only show publicly available items (i.e. no XRated)

    At the moment you can subscribe to the following feeds. We will still tweak on them, but they do display fine on most RSS readers. The intention is to have RSS icons in place where you can subscribe to those feeds - those icons will only go live in the next week or two (once testing is concluded and we are happy with the current functionality)
    Some screenshots of what the feeds look like below:

    Google Reader:


    OS X Mail (or any other mail client supporting RSS):

    If you have suggestions with regards to content of the feed or compatibility issues, please post here.
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    Umm.. do you ever take a day off? Not really related to the RSS feeds, but just curious... ;)
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      You would have probably noticed those RSS-icons () on some pages - clicking on it will subscribe you to the RSS feed.
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      Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.