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  • Migration to new SSL certificates

    Please note that over the next 1-5 days we will migrate to stronger SSL certificates. With the new Thawte Extended Verification certificates we will now show via the green-address bar that bidorbuy's identity has been authenticated to the industry's highest standards.

    We hope that when customers see the green address bar during login, registration and checkout processes, that confidence is gained to complete the transaction.

    The address-bar varies from browser to browser, but IE shows the address-bar green and displays our certificate next to it:

    We do not anticipate any issues during this transition, but if you do notice something odd, please post your browser version/OS and problem in this thread.
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    Thanks, Mac, for looking after all of us on BoB. Now, how about removing the hoodie?? ;)
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      The new extended validation certificates are now in place. You should notice this during login by a green addressbar (in IE) as well as on any secure page. Other browsers show this slightly different: Safari/Firefox/Chrome and Opera will show our company name in green.

      You will also notice the WOT-seal at the footer of every page. Bidorbuy has recently become a WOT partner due to our continued effort in providing a safe browsing experience for our users, provide a transparent privacy policy and are committed to a no-spam policy. The WOT community members have verified our site, validated our policies and elected us a safe ecommerce site (BTW - we are the only company in the whole of Africa featuring as a partner).
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      Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.