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  • Combining items won in auction with other items in basket

    Hi guys

    I was wondering someone could help me. I won an auction from a sepcific seller and now I aslo want to buy one of their other items. So to save on shipping costs I want to combine both in checkout but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone please assist?


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    When you buy one of his other items it will automatically give you the combine option. Also be aware that some sellers do have combining fees which should be indicated in the shipping details. If there isn't anything then one shipping price is all you pay.



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      I am trying to do exactly that. Combine a item won on auction to other items from the same seller, but I do not see the "Combine" option.
      Can anyone help.



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        You cannot combine a Buy Now item with an auction item from the same seller. You can combine for either type of sale, but not mix them together. I suggest that you complete the auction order (with shipping costs) and contact the seller to see if the shipping costs can be combined on both orders. Than you complete the order for the other item with no shipping costs or just the combining fee per item. The auction order is recommended to be completed first since you won the bid and legally bound to pay for it. The buy Now option does not put you under the same obligation.

        Don't forget that some sellers will not combine and would request separate shipping fees. So talk it over with them first.
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