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  • Why a SNC

    I bought a 16GB card, I couldn't pay because the sellers banking details were not recognized by my bank. The following day, I tried for 6 hours to contact the seller and late the very same I got hold of somebody who said that it was their holiday and that no one else was there, all others were off. I was told to phone him the following morning and speak to him early. Again I could not get through. I then again tried payments and the payment did go through on order no 3201236. Why now am I being threatened. I do not take kindly to threats.

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    Contact BOB and get it rectified


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      Hi Optel
      You can appeal the SNC. BoB are fair about these things.
      Good luck
      Items I have for sale.

      Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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        I agree with Mellowred, BoB will look into it and help where they can.
        I had similar problem once, i ended up walking into the bank and did a cash payment then.