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  • Not much protection for buyers on BidorBuy?

    There are binding contracts for the sellers on this site, but nothing much to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers!
    I believe was recently scammed by a seller Alass - who I notice has a majority of other unhappy buyers recently listing their negative ratings.
    More than 2 months after payment and Alass routinely ignores all attempts at email contact.

    The most that BidorBuy does is refer the customers complaint onto the seller - likewise to no response at all!
    So it seems that BidorBuy is geared to protect the seller but not the buyer (who surely is the driving force behind this site).
    It is always a bad experience getting ripped off and it puts buyers off. I will certainly never make another purchase on this site unless BidorBuy sees that Alass fulfills her site of the bargain by delivering the items customers have purchased!

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    It is a pity you had a bad experience on this site wishmewell , however, there is buyer protection if you buy from verified sellers !

    To buy or sell on this site , a person must have agreed to the terms and conditions which are very clearly laid out. If you read it , you will see that Bidorbuy is not responsible for the purchases you make on this site.

    Buying off the internet is always a risk and in future you should consider buying from verified sellers only. That way , you will be protected.


    1 Trading on this Site

    1.1 As we are not involved in any sale and purchase of any goods and services on this Site, save for providing a venue for an auction of goods and services, and as described in Clauses 10.1 and 10.3, you hereby agree and acknowledge that we:

    1.1.1 are not, nor do we represent or hold ourselves out as the manufacturer or agent of any such manufacturer or sales representative of any such manufacturer, of any goods offered for sale and/or sold on this Site;

    1.1.2 have absolutely no control over, nor do we represent or hold out that we have any control over any one or more of the circumstances described in Clause 4.5

    1.1.3 have absolutely no control over whether, nor do we represent or hold out that, the goods and services offered for sale on this Site are legally able to be sold.

    1.1.4 cannot guarantee, nor do we represent or hold out that the descriptions of any goods and services on this Site will be accurate;

    1.1.5 have absolutely no control over, nor do we represent or hold out that a Seller or Buyer will perform their respective sale and purchase obligations of goods or services auctioned on this Site;

    1.1.6 cannot and do not control, nor do we represent or hold out that a Buyer will pay for the goods and services that he/she has successfully bid for in an auction on this Site;

    1.1.7 cannot and do not control, nor do we represent or hold out that any goods and services will be delivered to a respective Buyer by the respective Seller

    1.1.8 cannot and do not represent nor hold out that we can confirm that each Buyer and Seller is who they claim to be;
    consistency is the last resort of the unimaginative.


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      Thank you for your post. bidorbuy does try to protect both buyer and seller, and we are working with Alass to try resolve any outstanding issues that have arisen since his business started having problems. Unfortunately we cannot control or prevent such issues from happening even though we do try to. Please kindly continue to liaise with our customer service representatives so that we can reach a resolution to your complaint.

      Thank you