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  • Item deleted

    I would just like to know why this was deleted, I put in a bid at R1 early yesterday morning, no one out bid me and just before closing time the item gets deleted, just seems like the seller did not get the price he was hoping for so he goes and deletes the item, I had a min of R100 so I was more then willing to pay the price it is not my fault if nobody else wanted this item, I think the if all the sellers deleted items because the right price was not met Wednesday auctions would have only half the items sold that do get sold.

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    The seller has to give a valid reason for deleting the auction.An item cannot be deleted because the price the seller wants has not been reached. You should report this to Community Watch and let the seller get a warning - they might think twice before doing it again.
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      this is the reason I was given via email :The reason given was - Seller wants to relist the item as there is an error in the current auction description. After all that time the seller wakes up to a error in the auction. Looking at the sellers ratings maybe its for the best I would have paid and never received.


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        It is definately about the price!

        It happened to me before as well. The listing the seller used was the exact same as all the other weeks i.e just a relist and that week I had the winning bid of R1 where the item usually sold for R200- R500 and my bid was deleted 10 minutes prior to closure?!
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          Better than receiving an email after paying, stating that ''I just checked again and it seems its not working, sorry.''
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