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  • Frustrated and angry!

    This question is becoming rather mellow dramatic,

    i HAD four accounts, because i couldnt login to my original one since april, on may 19th i had all four deactived, and i created this one, its june already and still i cant login to my account only the forum,
    since my business is still very much in its start up phase, i need to build up good contact with suppliers as i source my material online,

    at this point i dont think id want to buy via BoB because, whatever help i got via email or by telephone has been fruitless!!
    im not wasting another cent trying to fix a problem ive been having for 2monts just like you running a business id like to run mine!

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    Hi there.. What message do you get when you try to log in? I had a server issue 2 days ago where I couldn't log into my account, but could log into the forum because the web address starts with "forum". My service provider had to fix it for me..
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      We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately not all all login issues are as a result of our system, sometimes ISP's restrict access or proxy servers could cause problems, these are unfortunately not in our control nor can we resolve these issues for you.

      May I suggest contacting your ISP and investigating further.

      Thank you


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        Yup, I figured out it was my service providers issue because I could log into any other website.. They made DNS changes, which worked, then gave me instructions on how to use a proxy if I have the problem again.. All way over my head, but it's working now!!
        I know not what World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks & stones - Albert Einstein.


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          :pHi, i had the same problem, i could log onto the Forum but not my Account and went in a panic, then BOB's wonderfull personel helped me out. We eventually figured it was a problem with Neotel and not BOB, cause i could not do Banking, or any orther log-ins for that matter. Please just contact the BOB team, they will help you, you can mail them too at, they are always willing and happy to assist, i guarantee that! Good luck and hope to see you soon here on BOB!
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