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  • Selling Template Help

    As a relative newbie I seek some advice from the gurus on the site please? I have noticed that some folks have really great looking selling templates that they use to market their goods. I am looking to up my sales profile and become more active and wish to create a permanent background or template, almost like a shopfront that appears automatically with all my listing.

    My questions as someone with limited graphics and computer skills are, how do I set this up, and secondly how do I have this pasted into my sales page with each new listing automatically?

    Any advice here would be most welcome, thanks in advance

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    Have a look at this...

    Maybe Mellowred might be able to help you?;)

    Templates - HTML Code for BoB listings - Tried of struggling to make your listings look good? was sold for R50.00 on 23 Jun at 22:01 by mellowred in Hermanus (ID:22182693)

    This is the forum thread which drew attention to it...
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      Thanks MsPlod will look into that with mellowred.


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        Thanks for recommendation MsPlod :).

        @ Trailrunner. thanks for PM. Have responded and look forward to hearing from you.
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          Selling Template Help

          just want to say that Mandy (mellow red) has helped me so much by setting up the most lovely template for my listings. For any-one needing help with this, please support her, you will not be dissappointed.:)


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            Hi thanks for this, just to make sure do I pay R50 fo this?