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  • Deleting items already bought

    How can I delete items of my bidorbuy that I already bought?

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    You cannot delete items bought. For auditung and security reasons we are required to keep a record of every transaction.

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      This is where you email the seller very nicely explaining your situation (ie why you do not want the item anymore). Then the seller, whether they are super nice or not, can decide to let it go or to hold you to your purchase (which is a legal binding contract when you proceeded through the buying process). If you both agree to cancel the order then the seller will wait 7 days from the day the order was made to file a SNC - a Sale not complete. You will be notified of this and asked whether you want to appeal this or not. Do not. This is how the seller gets their bidorbuy success fees back (we pay a percentage of sales to bidorbuy so if the sale did not go through we need to claim back that amount).

      There you go :) Be very nice to the seller, you made a mistake, be more careful in future when placing orders.


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        I think perhaps the poster needs to remove an item already paid for/received, perhaps a “discreet” item?
        In the end, it's all just 1's and 0's.
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          Oh I see, my bad...