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  • Personal offers

    I have a dumb question: what is a personal offer and can you set a reserve on it?
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    Hi samwise,

    A personal offer is when your auction closed and you want to sell the same product to one of the runner-up bidders, bidder 2,3 etc. if their bidding price suits you. You can then make them an offer from the selling section in your profile for the bid they made.

    You can only sell the item to them for the amount they entered before the auction closed.


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      If you are interested in the item, and it represent an high value item like a cellphone.
      Exercise Uotmost caution.

      ask Yourself:

      Is the price to good to be true?
      Is the item extremely popular?
      Is the seller of low ratings.. 30 or below.
      Were the listing discreeet, marked with a red "D"

      and does the buyer demand payment immediatly.

      To be on the safeside..
      You can accept the offer, and withold payment, especially over a weekend.

      Confirm the Bona Fides of the seller with BoB on their customer care line.
      Buyer Beware