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  • Loading multiple pictures on bid or buy

    Hi all
    I'm new to bid or buy and often get question about loading addittional
    pictures for clarrity etc. Can anyone assist in telling me how to load multipal pictures or where I need to go to find instruction on how to do this?

    Much appreciated

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    Hi, you may post as many pictures as you like, one by one. Only take care to keep every individual image file size under 50KB. Also, remember to upload the main picture - the one that shows in the upper left corner as a thumbnail, and in the listings - last.
    To upload images in the description box of your listing, follow this procedure:
    Have the HTML editor On (the Off button will be blue and underlined).
    Press on upload picture button above the HTML editor. Browse for the picture, click on Upload, select the URL and copy it. Then go into the item description box of the HTML editor, position the cursor where you want the image to appear and click on the "image" icon (to be found in the middle row of your little HTML editor, fifth from the left). A window will open. Paste the URL in the URL box, and press OK (you may, but do not have to fill in the other fields). The image will show in the HTML editor. You may move it around with your mouse.
    One more tip: if your image is bigger than 50KB, the system will not upload it. In that case, re-size it in your image editor AND give it another name before trying to upload it again (if you do not rename it, the system remembers the original, big file of the same name and refuses to see that it has been decreased).
    Hope this helps!


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      Loading multiple pictures

      All I can say is a very massive thank you. If you only knew how long I've searching for such a descriptive process you wouldn't believe it. Thanx :D