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  • Ask the seller a question

    Greetings all
    I have asked a seller a question on a number of occasions and sometimes it does not appear on the item on auction. Can anyone tell me why?

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    A question only shows once the seller has answered it
    and some sellers delete the questions once they answer them.
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      In my opinion a question submitted should be visible to every person viewing the auction item. Sometimes the fact that a question remains unanswered shouts more loudly than an answer given.


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        It had been like that,
        But abuse made it not feasible..

        Good example, I had bought gemstones from a seller.

        first batch arrived, no good rubbish..
        I cancel my purchases on the others.

        He refuse and ask on al 75 odf my auctions when is he getting his money.

        upon where after I had to reply I canceled the sale for the Junk he sold the previous batch.
        he went out of Business years ago..

        Looking at some of the forum sellers in competition beating and slandering one another, THE Q & A would become a battlefield.


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          I'd have thought that kind of behaviour would attract Bidorbuy's attention and censure. They could have closed his account and deleted his abusive comments. Pity they rather changed the rules to disadvantage legit shoppers who just want their questions posted and answered.