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  • Playboy watches bought on BOB & now selling illegal item

    Hi There

    I have just received community watch notifications for the watches which i purchased on BOB and re-listed to re-sell them on Crazy Wednesday!! What is going on? Why was the items on BOB available for me to purchase and now i'm not allowed to re-sell them? How am i supposed to sell them now??????????
    Items I have for sale.

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    Hi there

    It has recently come to bidorbuy's attention that these watches are copies or fakes. They contravene copyright and trademark laws, so bidorbuy has taken action against seller's listing these items. You may no longer list these items and must be removed.

    Thank you.
    Cuan Akal


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      Unfortunately counterfeit items slip through the cracks sometimes and are sold on bidorbuy, it is for this reason I advocate buyers to educate themselves on the issue of counterfeits/replicas/copies and to safe guard themselves against buying such items as you are just helping those who are supporting criminals to get away with this illegal act. Brands spend alot of money and hard work to get their brands to where they are and whenever a cheap fake is sold it undermines all their efforts. What's worse is people are selling fakes at almost the prices you get the originals for, how ridiculous is that?

      Be a wise consumer and make the right choices, educate yourself and ask questions before you bid.

      ps: if you spot fakes being sold please report it by clicking on report to community watch on the bottom right of each listing "spot a problem".