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  • Automated email responses to buyers

    Hi All

    I am loving BoB and I am gearing up to scale up my BoB operations. It that regard I need to set up some systems to help me.

    I am trying to set up an automated email response to buyers i.e. As I receive an email from the saying that I have sold a particular item, I can send an automated email message saying, thanks, please complete order etc.etc.

    I am using MS Outlook 2007, I am trying to get the email rules to work, main challenges:
    1. Reply to the individual and not the noreply email address
    2. Just to get it to work!!!
    Any help appreciated - can't be too hard!!!!!

    Thank you


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    Me too!

    Yup, me too! Would love to get all those lovely little applications running smoothly. Have even considered attending a day course in Outlook - ;)
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      Hi FireFly
      Not sure if this helps, but when you "reply" to the automated mails (on Outlook 2003) it does send to the buyer - not BoB.
      Items I have for sale.

      Why do today what you can put off till next year?