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  • What is a meta file?

    I've set up text on Corel and converted to a gif file which I then imported to BoB.
    BoB won't accept this and has give the following error.

    The Item can not be saved because it has error(s)

    The following HTML tag(s) and/or Attribute(s) are not permitted in Trade_Description field : [meta]
    Any computer literates that can tell me what to change.

    Items I have for sale.

    Why do today what you can put off till next year?

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    Hi mellowred

    Turn off your HTML editor while you are editing.
    You will find the button next to the Description Title.
    You'll see a whole lot of code and words that look like gibberish.
    Go right to the beginning of your listing and look for something in the brackets like this: <meta =*****>
    The * could be anything in your code.
    Delete from the opening bracket to the closing bracket, ie, from < to >.
    Have a look carefully through the code to see if there are any more meta tags and remove them.
    Once you're done , you can turn on the HTML editor on again and have a look at your listing to see if everything is still as it should be.
    Try saving your listing, it should work now.


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      Thanks Tananka. I was up early this morning determined to beat this problem. I just took a chance and deleted all references to meta files. Wasn't sure it it would work as my HTML code knowledge is non-existent.

      So I have already fixed it. But thanks for confirming what I did was right.

      Strange thing is it was mentioning Publisher files - did not use publisher in this instance!?!

      Wish I understood this HTML stuff as you do. I just go by trial and error so it takes me ages to get something right.

      You have a great day.
      Items I have for sale.

      Why do today what you can put off till next year?