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  • Listing exceeds 8000 character error - frustration of HTML code

    Not sure if I may promote this here, but from the number of times the same problem appears in the forum, there is certainly a need for help with setting up "pretty" and animated listings.

    It has taken me six months of trial and error to create an acceptable listing - and I'm still learning. There are obviously a lot of sellers out there struggling with the same problem and now that I know how , I've decided to sell my knowledge.

    Need help?

    HTML Code written for you - all you do is copy and paste!
    Items I have for sale.

    Why do today what you can put off till next year?

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    Mandy (Mellowred) does awesome HTML codes! I was the lucky guinea pig :D - she did it in no time and emailed them to me. I am certainly no computer boffin and the codes were super-easy to apply. She has also very kindly set one up for the charity seller Books Etc - it looks stunning. The codes haven't been applied to Books Etc's listings yet but will hopefully be there by the end of the day - so you can check out how lovely the listings look then!
    Very highly recommended! ;)
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      Thanks mellow, i'll be buying that fairly soon.
      What's for sale today?