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  • Sort options under primary category...

    Sometimes when I'm bored or waiting for a programme to compile, I browse BoB to see what's on auction. What I like to do is peruse the listings under the primary categories (e.g. Antique and collectable items for sale or Stamps, new and used, for sale), but I would also like to be able to sort the listing like we can do under the secondary categories (e.g. by price or newly listed). Any possibility of this?
    Obligatory link to my listings.

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    This is already there but not on the immediate top-level category page. We use the top-level category page to maximise benefits for sellers to list featured/premium items.

    You can already sort and filter once you hit the next-page on the top-category - i.e. look at the following link for Antiques: Antique and collectable items for sale. This applies to every category page.

    The top-category page is also a bit of a hybrid between featured/premium items, top-sellers and articles. Over time our category managers will improve on the category pages and look & feel as well as functionality will change.

    Right now it will "cost you" two clicks to get to the sorting/filtering. Not quite ideal but a compromise.
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      Ah... go to primary category... go to page two... select sort criteria... and the system goes automatically back to page one and sorted...

      Acceptable. Thanks!
      Obligatory link to my listings.