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  • Minimum quantity per buyer


    On the buy now listings, for multiple items there is an option to insert "minimum quantity per buyer".

    By example, one of our listings state a minimum quantity of 10 strands per buyer in order to get it at the set price. All very well setting this up in the initial listing, but I have noticed that with every subsequent automatic relisting, this quantity reverts back to 1!

    I only picked this up recently when the minimum quantity on a particular listing is 100 pieces, and the buyer purchased less than 10 items!

    Could someone kindly look into this "glitch" and fix it asap? I've been doing manual edits on each listing in the interim, but sometimes I miss a listing which causes problems.

    Many thanks,
    Janet - CCG
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    @ BoB

    The same problem is still there - nothing has been done to fix it!

    I have to adjust the "minimum quantity per buyer" every time the listings are automatically relisted. (instead of example 10 per buyer, it automatically reverts back to 1 per buyer).

    Thank you!
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      Hi Janet

      I have asked the IT guys to investigate this.

      Apologies for this.

      Kind regards


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        Fixed - Minimum quantity per buyer

        Hi Janet,

        Thank you for bringing it to our attention. There was a problem as you stated and we have fixed it now. Apologies for the inconvenience it may have caused.

        Kind regards,
        Bidorbuy Staff