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  • Proceed with payment

    I often find users who complete an order for a purchase do not "Proceed with payment" which gives them our banking details.
    It gives the impression that one must proceed with payment now which a buyer may not intend doing straight away.
    Could something else be added like "Proceed with payment or get users banking details" This is often the case with new users then they email and I must email back.More work.
    Iets so ??

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    Amen. I find that this happens about one out of every five orders.....
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      I have to agree - so often I get emails from first time buyers now needing banking info etc.. Then they need to be guided through the end process to complete the order.. I don't mind doing it, but due to the hours I work, this sometimes means a delay in posting, whereas if they had managed it earlier & made payment, the item could have been sent off already..
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        I give step-by-step instructions in my first email for auctions on how to complete the order.
        This cuts out most of the problems, but there are still buyers who don't read that email properly and cause delays because of it.
        I've now resorted to adding a line right after the greeting saying "Please read the entire email".
        Maybe that will help
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          That is extra work.
          I still think the order should have something on it referring to "proceed with payment or get sellers banking details."
          "Proceed with payment" gives the impression that the user must proceed with a banking transaction.
          I always explain this to new users because they email or phone without fail and ask for my banking details.
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