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  • Messed up top menu

    I'm not sure if bob is aware of this or not but on my chrome browser the new top menu looks like this, but only on the forum.

    It's been like this since yesterday. Looks like it might not have been tested for compatibility on all the browsers maybe?

    Incidentally I'm not entirely sure about all of these changes that are being introduced, I know new brooms like to sweep and the new team members are keen to work in some new ideas but the old systems worked well and too much change at once is a little confusing, especially with the order system. Before i could see instantly what it was a person had purchased but now I've got to expand the details to find out, a small thing perhaps but when going through a whole lot of orders, the screen ends up a mess with 20 expanded orders, whereas the old system was more compact and easier to use. The status updates thing is nice though, since it means you can communicate with the buyer without having to email them all the time (ie thanks for winning, thanks for doing the order, thanks for paying, I've sent your item etc.)
    But yes there are still some bugs and gripes about the new systems:p.

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    Ok scratch that, it's fixed now... must have been cached from when the problem was still active. But the order system still needs work! :)