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  • SNC's not closing off

    I've got a few SNC's filed against buyers which should have automatically 'closed off' after the 7 day period, but they are still showing on the system as current and as such, the negative ratings issued to the buyers are not showing on their profiles, nor have the success fees been credited yet.

    Could someone kindly look into this as I am sure I am not the only seller affected?

    Thank you.
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    It actually takes 14 days , depending on the outcome


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      14 days??? It has always had a turn around time of 7 days, unless things have changed in the past month!
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        Well Thats how long mine have always took after I filed an SNC with an appeal


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          If the buyer appeals the SNC, then it will run to 14 days.
          If there is no appeal, 7 days is the norm.
          Perhaps you should contact and ask them what's happening.
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            The seven SNC's are still open!

            Transactions originally closed around 24 August, SNC's filed 8 September (15 days later), buyer appealed saying she could not afford the items on 10 September, now it is basically 24 September which is 16 days after the SNC's were filed.

            So it's a month since the transactions, and over 2 weeks since the SNC's were done. This is the longest I've EVER had to wait for them to be closed off!

            Come on BoB... HELP! Pretty please....
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