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  • Suggestion regarding favourite sellers

    Hi there, I have a suggestion. It would be nice to be able to save "favourite sellers" and be notified when they put up items for sale.

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    Favourite and Not-So-Favourite Sellers

    Yes I would very much like to be able to save a list of favourite sellers. Right now the only way to keep such a list is to buy something from each and then find the hyperlink from the "items bought" page. But there are sellers I like and have not yet bought from. I want to be able to browse their wares, across categories.

    While on the "seller" topic, I would love the ability to exclude certain sellers from all the lists I see. I.e. I would add sellers to this list, and I would never see any of their items. There are many sellers that are either shady but not yet blacklisted by BOB, then there re others that take chances (e.g. list delapidated item for outrageous price one week, then drop by several thousands next week, and so on, when item is actually worthless. I don't want to buy anything at all from these people and right now I keep my own list of blacklisted sellers on paper. There are also sellers who buy items on BOB at a good price and then list them immediately afterwards at a crazy high price. Such sellers are chancers and I do not want any of their items ever. Then there are the sellers (bless their souls) who sell nothing but rubbish, in vast quantities, no problem with this, but it's my time I spend looking through the junk, my bandwidth used downloading it. I want to be able to exclude them.