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  • Buyer protection for Outside South Africa sales


    I recently won an auction for a diamond ring listed by an Indian seller. I was at first apprehensive about bidding for an item by a seller so far away, but felt assured by their 100% positive rating that I had nothing to be worried. I transferred the money I owed to the seller within 1 week of winning the auction. However, I then saw that the seller has since been blacklisted!!! It has now been 2 weeks since I've paid the seller, and they keep reassuring me that my ring will be dispatched shortly, and that they will send me the tracking number.

    I am extremely worried about this particular seller, as I am convinced I have been scammed. Is there any legal rights I have against a foreign seller? For instance, can I take them to the Small Claims Court or file a charge of theft? I am trying to avoid BidorBuy contacting him directly in case this angers the seller when they were actually being genuine, but I'm trying to find out what my options are in case I have paid thousands for a ring in vain.

    Many thanks

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    Hi there

    Unfortunately as the seller is based overseas we cannot provide protection under the Buyer Protection programme, as we cannot verify their ID, credit record or if they have a criminal record. Normally sellers with good records do still deliver.

    The seller is still obliged to send the item. As the seller is based overseas, you would need to contact the SAPS Commercial Crimes unit to see what recourse you have, we doubt the Small Claims Court can assist you with this. SAPS may be able to assist you with a case through Interpol.

    Kind regards


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      Hi Cuan,

      I was notified yesterday that the shipment has been dispatched from their side. I'm tracking it online using the waybill number, so here's hoping I receive it soon and that it is the quality product that I placed a bid for!

      But your feedback will help anyone who deals with sellers outside SA, as there seems to be an increasing number of them. Thank you for your helpful feedback, your responses are always professional.



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        Good to hear. It's a pleasure.

        Kind regards


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          Buying from someone outside South Africa

          Good day

          I'm not sure whether this is a silly question, but I successfully bid on a ring advertised by a company located in Hong Kong. After completing the transaction online, I e-mailed the relevant party to discuss payment and shipping.

          It has been two days and I have still not recieved a response.

          When does a purchase become invalid, or what is the time period I can be expected to wait for a response from the seller? The reason I am anxious is because the ring is a present which I would've liked to recieve in time.



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            Please have a look at the seller's ratings first. Sometimes there are valid reasons why a seller has not responded yet, try sending another follow up email and copy on it.

            Kind regards