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  • GO BIDORBUY ! ! ! (keep up the good work)

    :lol: Hi! I just want to let the BIDORBUY team know they are doing an excellent job.

    I started selling on bob this year and it was one great experience so far!

    - There customer support is excellent considering how many traffic the site gets.

    - The Security is top notch (Morne and Team)

    - The Website Design it self is Flawless

    - The Entire bidorbuy system is excellent (otherwise it wont be SA's largest online market!)

    - And I can go on, and on, and on . . .

    I know I've been selling software that I bought with resell rights from someone else witch almost caused some havock as everyone though that I was that person. I almost got blacklisted and I had no clue why (imagine that)! Luckily that is sorted out now after some hard work and off-course the help of Morne (this guy is doing an excellent job!). I'm now getting the hang of the system by selling the software and my Brother who just finished School is going to join me with collecting and selling quality products and off course my Clivia's and Koi.

    Thank you so much to the Entire BIDORBUY Team ! ! !

    Pieter Duvenhage
    <a href="">Please support me by viewing my listings</a>

    Thank you so much for the support!

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    Thank you Pieter for your feedback. It is always good to get comments from the community like this, it means we are doing our jobs.

    Thank you again and best of luck for 2009.

    Kind regards
    Cuan and the team


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      Hie hie hie... nothing works like praising management

      From my side aswell Cuan, you guys do a brilliant job!
      See all jewellery from Asha Craft!

      "The purest form of love comes from your children."


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        Hi Asha Craft

        Team effort! ;-)

        Kind regards