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  • What do you tell the buyer when he wants to cancel a sale?

    A buyer recently won a DVD on my auction. When approaching him for payment, he said that he had inadvertantly purchased the same item from someone else and would I consider cancelling the sale.

    In the meantime, I gave him a positive rating.

    I agreed to do this, and after a week filed a SNC mentioning the above. He now has written to me castigating my action in filing a SNC and saying my action was unnecessary, I am being too hasty and he objects to my filing a SNC.

    What has prompted him to go to this length? I thought I was doing him a favour by agreeing to cancel the sale, but he now makes me out to be the guilty party. What did BoB advise him as a result of me filing a SNC? If it about the commission, which is only R1,50 I will gladly pay it if BoB feels that their finances will materially suffer if I don't pay. Did you send him a threatening letter?

    Please let me know.

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    Hi chrisc,

    I've had a few clients complaining about the "threatening email" too. The SNC email in short basically states that if the buyer does not make payment, agree to pay or appeal the SNC they COULD face suspension or be blacklisted from Bidorbuy.

    The best thing to do is just send an email to your buyer asking them to appeal the SNC with reason that the sale was mutually cancelled. It doesn't affect their ratings at all since you already gave them a positive rating.

    Hope this helps!
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      But that was exactly what I said in the "reason" space when filing the SNC. Do you not read these?