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  • Max Bid Auction prices changed???


    I recently started bidding on an item, 16GB 2.8" LCD Touch Screen MP3 MP4 FM PLAYER with a maximum automatic bid of R875. I received an e-mail later to say that i was outbid on the item with the maximum bid being R920. The next bid then would have to be R940. I set a reminder to revisit the auction daily to see what the progress was. Much to my pleasure i saw the same item available yesterday to purchase outright, seemingly from the same dealer, for R900. I subsequently made a purchase and hopefully it is underway from PE.

    When i went to the original auction again, i saw that the maximum bids suddenly reduced to R895!!!! How is this possible?? It seems as if someone is manipulating the auction somehow! How can a maximum current bid suddenly decrease?

    Also, what guarantee does the buyers have that sellers are not manipulating prices somehow by pretending to be just another buyer? Is it then really an auction or a way of price fixing? I have made use of eBay many times in the past and i never encountered either of these situations decribed here! :?:

    I eagerly await your reply!


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    The seller obviously deleted the highest bid at request of the bidder, see Q & A.

    Question & Answer
    Q sorry but my friend wants an apple touch and not this one and I already bid on it. How can I not bid for it anymore? - Asked by Savvie2 (no ratings) 17 Feb 14:31
    A I'll delete your bid 17 Feb 15:10
    Q is this an ipod touch? - Asked by drek (no ratings) 14 Feb 10:20
    A this is not a apple ipod , it is a non branded product similar to JNC 14 Feb 17:08
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      I read that but it still doesn't make sense as there were 2 individual highest bidders. Then one should have been R895 and the other R920? What if these buyers also decide they do not want to bid anymore and i end up with the next highest bid (while i decided not to bid anymore) after which i already purchased and paid for the item elsewhere?

      I agree one has the option to change your mind, but if it affects the ultimate outcome somehow, like automatically increasing my bid to the maximumin the process, it is unfair if this really is an auction site. An auction does not work on the concept that if the closing bid cannot be honoured by the buyer it automatically defaults to the next lower bidder.

      This again raises the question of whether sellers really have no material involvement in the bidding process? The person requesting to be removed from the bidding list could very well be - and i am not saying this is the case with this specific auction, i am talking in general - either the seller under another ID or a friend trying to push up the price to see how high the automatic bids are set.