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  • Auction Farce (Joke)

    I think that BidorBuy is one of the greatest sites that I have come accross and have to date made two purchases and sold a few.

    I have however discovered (I think) that the auction section is a farce. The seller submits an item for auction but at the same time has a second username which he uses to bid on the same item which he has up for auction. He then sets his own automatic limit to chase the bids to the price he is looking for. He could just as well have put the item as a classified.

    I have also dicovered in some cases that the expected market price stated is sometimes three times the actual selling price on the market.

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    Good day

    We are sorry to hear about your situation, however, we do monitor the site for shill bidding - that is what you are referring to. We have various ways that we monitor this, and should you report this to us we can investigate and , if the seller is using another account, we may be able to pick this up, and action will be taken against the seller. Please always report suspicious activity to or use the "Spot a Problem" link just below the description box to report this. I can assure you we pick up most cases of this and swift and decisive action is taken against the offending user.

    With regards to Indicative market prices, these are indicative, the buyer or bidder should always compare prices before bidding. If you believe the indicative market price is too high please also report this to us for investigation.

    Thank you