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  • bidorbuy should clean out the dormant usernames

    Hi. I recently bid on a "sunday" auction and not surprisingly won the item at a ridiculously low price. The seller used my hometown as domicile address so I emailed a request to deal publicly which was refused. The runner up was also offered the same secondhand item but was smart enough to inform me by asking a question on an item I had listed. After I reported it to BoB, he was blacklisted. All this was great because of good communication among BoB members sharing info.

    But then I started thinking about the damage such a crook can cause to peoples lives. I did a check to see if there were other similar names registered and Lo and behold, there's a bunch of usernames just lying dormant probably waiting to be used on an unsuspecting buyer. This guy/gal is well ahead of the community and has bogus names lined up in case he gets caught out. Some people either feel ashamed after being scammed, dont really understand the procedure involved in recouping their payments or see that the buyer is from a ''far of'' place like the town I'm from, so they think to themselves it's going to cost them a packet to make a legal issue out of this.

    I suggest to BoB the following:

    1. Do a sweep of the user database for the same ID numbers, contact details, banking details, dormancy periods, similar sounding usernames, High risk bank account types, addresses etc and find a formula for cancelling or verifying ''high risk'' seller accounts.

    2.Offer or promote to Bob members something like a ''scorpion'' or ''legalwise'' subscription to combat crime(I forsee that this year's gonna be the worst after a long time because of the economic crisis).

    3. Bring in a ''paypal'' like payment option with lower than market fees to offer greater protection to both parties.

    this is my advice for the time being. I believe that the most effective solution to crime is actively passing a harsher sentence than what is being meted at the present moment. Criminal behaviour always adapts to changes as well and criminals will find new loopholes. But if the punishment befits the crime, they will be more reluctant when they factor in an unforgiving sentence.

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    Good day Asiv

    Thank you for your feedback, but from a policy and technical point of view, many of your suggestions cannot be implemented. Obviously I cannot go into detail about how our registration works, or what we look out for.

    As for supplying some sort of legal options, unfortunately it is the buyers responsibility to protect their legal interests, we merely provide a marketplace and platform for trade to take place on and will assist the police with their investigations, but we are not in a position to offer such services.

    We cannot offer a paypal type system for a number of financial and legal reasons - banking licenses, Reserve Bank approval, foreign exchange issues etc.

    If people follow the safe buying tips, generally they will not have any problems with purchases. All suspicious users should be reported as per normal.

    Thank you again for your concern and feedback, they are appreciated.

    Kind regards


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      re: free advice

      In the interest of civility, I retract my comment.

      Thank you for your response Cuan. It makes all the difference to know.


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        I am sorry that you see this as defensive, that is certainly not the intention, and trust me, I do not need to be a buyer to see what goes on or have a perspective of that of a buyer.

        You posted something in the feedback section and we responded to it, giving the reasons why we cannot implement many of your suggestions, it's simply not possible. No one is stopping you from posting your concerns or discussing the issues... :?

        Again, we apologise if the response offended you, it certainly was not the intention.

        Thank you for your posts.

        Kind regards


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          Hi All;

          I agree that some cleaning up of dormant users would be beneficial.

          I doubt that we have 337,162 active users.

          A simple way to weed out some dormant users would be to send an e-mail - if the person does not respond/verify the address within a certain time, a second e-mail and if no response then the account can be closed.

          Personally I have an account I never used - I wanted a prettier username :lol: but I cant access the account since I have forgotten the P W and have put it out of mind. I am sure a lot of other users have dormant accounts.

          A buyer laughed at my threat to blacklist her with negatives for unpaid items "I will just open a new account "

          I am sure that it is not too difficult to run a program with all the ID numbers a see what comes up more than once? Then of course we come into the realm of fake IDs ... Hmmmmm

          A successful society is self-policing... our best option :D
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