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  • barbershop and shaving accessories

    Is it feasible to create a category in antiques and collectables that incorporates items like razors and barbershop items? I've had a cutthroat razor and another which were put into "Appliances, Tools and Accessories" for want of a better place. I wonder why the Category of "other collectables" was withdrawn?
    Also to bring to your attention that Basutoland is incorrectly spelt in your Stamps category as Basotholand.
    Another thing - your heading in the toys section for "Collectible Toys" is at odds with your spelling of "collectable" (with an "a") on the rest of the site. Even some of the sub-headings in that category use the more conventional English form used in SA, so the heading looks a bit odd.

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    Hi there

    Thank you for your feedback, we have made the changes to the spelling, so this should all be consistent now.

    Regarding the categories, if there is enough of a demand we will consider adding another category, but for now, where you are listing these items is okay.

    Thank you again for your input.

    Kind regards