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  • Fraudulent sellers!

    After purchasing goods from SarahB4 in January and paying in full on January 11th, she still has not sent the tracking number or dispatched the promised goods. The money was paid from my account into a local FNB account, although the seller isn't local. I have emailed the seller more than a dozen times and received only one response saying she had some personal problem but would dispatch the goods right away. That was late in January and since then she is un-contactable. Can I lay a fraud charge against this seller with the bank or claim back under the buyer protection programme? Furthermore, this seller should be permanently barred from trading your site. She is a blatant liar and con artist!!

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    Hi there

    I am sorry for the delay in replying. This seller was blacklisted from our site last month for non fulfillment issues. Unfortunately as the seller was not a Verified User (overseas sellers cannot be verified), you won't be able to claim from Buyer Protection Programme. You could try contact Interpol or SAPS Commercial Crimes for more information on this as the seller is based overseas.

    Kind regards