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  • Problems with the new format

    Hi, I am having problems with the new format because when listing I have to do everything twice. Whatever I click on, it jumps away from my cursor, and then when I click on it again, it responds, eg when loading a photo, when clicking on "upload photo", it moves away, and only when clicking on it again, it registers. When uploading the photo as well and placing it on the description page, the cursor will automatically jump to the top of the page, only when one then clicks again on the description page for placement of the photo, does it position correctly.

    Hope you guys can fix this.

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    I have serious problems with listings on BoB they seem so time consuming. I can't bear doing the listings on the screen as I don't know HTML. And I agree things bop about without any logical reason. Have tried the suggestions of Photobucket etc but all seems extra steps and I can't believe it is supposed to be so complicated. I've just resigned myself to working on Corel saving a Jpeg and looking at a really bad resolution on the ads. For a nitpicker this really isn't a happy experience for me. I want "pretty" ads and they all look horrible. Don't like to compare, but the one thing Gumtree does have is a much more user friendly ad set up page. It's really a case of "cut and paste for idiots" like me.

    Why is it so complicated on BoB?
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      Hi there

      We apologise for any problems you may be having, but please bear in mind, Gumtree does not allow general customisation for their listings, we do, as a result the seller has the freedom to choose various options and ways to create their listings. Gumtree has a forced listing and everything is determined by them, i.t.o. the text, images etc. If you ask some of the seller's on the forum under the Selling category, I'm sure they will be able to assist you with using html, or other software, there are also templates available from certain sellers.

      Kind regards


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        Thanks Cuan. BoB has a far superior system and I'm sure in time I'll get the hang of it all. I'm using CorelDraw now and exporting to Jpegs. Not the quality I'm looking for but will get there eventually. Live and learn.
        Items I have for sale.

        Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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          I also find that the screen "jumps" up to the html block as soon as i try to set my auction dates. this means i have to scroll down again to click my start date. then when i click on the end date the ?$*!%(#!* screen jumps back up to the html block. lol... Cuan, any ideas?
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            Happens to me when I click on "Create Listing"
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