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  • Google Analytics

    Has anyone else had problems with Google Analytics causing the pages to load slowly?
    I have a Telkom ADSL line and I'm running the latest Mozilla Firefox web browser to make it easier to follow auctions. I open a tab in Firefox for every item I'm following and refresh the tabs periodically to check for updates as far as bidding is concerned. Every time I refresh a page, the page will reload and as soon as virtually all the details show, the Google Analytics block pops up in the right hand top of the page and the page freezes until the Google Analytics block disappears which takes anywhere between 4 and 10 seconds.
    Ordinarily this would not bother me but when it comes down to the last seconds of an auction on an item that I really badly want to win, it becomes really frustrating.

    I have tried on several occasions to go back to Internet Explorer but I just cannot seem to follow my bid on items as well. At any rate, it also has the problem, just to a lesser degree.

    Any ideas???????

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    If you have an adblocker plugin you could set it to block google analytics. That's what I do.