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  • How does this work?????

    I had two automatic bids on two framed paintings. During the last 10 minutes someone made a bid and pushed me up to my maximum. I saw this and upped my automatic bid eventhough I was the highest bidder because I was scared I will lose it during the last minute.

    The thing is my bid went up with another R10 eventhough nobody else was bidding. So I actually was bidding against myself. How is that possible? How does it work?

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    links please?
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      A guess....

      I would guess maybe you and the guy who bid 10 minutes apart actually bid the same amount (eg R100) then you would win (since you were the first)

      Then you got nervous so you upped to lets say R150, but the bid increment is R10. Since this is seen as a new bid, and there was another guy at R100, your bid lowest end is actually R110.

      So, it would appear you are bidding against yourself, but there was another guy anyway since you wouldnt of had that need to bid again in the first place.

      Call it the risk of the last minute bid.

      Hope that makes some sense.