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  • Gemstones & rocks - subcategories

    I have noticed that there are several more options available under the subcategories of Gemstones & Rocks.

    Problem is though that some of the subcategories I am assuming should be under the Gemstone section yet show under the Rock section (Ametrine, Beryl, Iolite, Kunzite, Tsavorite Garnet, etc).

    Also, on the main page of the section Gemstones & Rocks, not all of the subcategories are showing - probably due to design constraints?

    This will most certainly be seen to and fixed up soonest... THANKS!
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  • #2
    Further to my first entry, after a long while the subcategories under Rocks do show (Iolite & Apatite) each indicating one listing under each, yet if you open the subcategory, then it is empty ("no items found").

    Also, if I look up all my items under my username (all items from seller ... ), then certain listings under Rocks are not showing at all! Although if I do a search under my selling page, then they appear with all the other items.

    Really confusing...
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