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  • Cannot allow criminal activity on BOB

    While perusing some of the ads, I also checked the negative ratings of a seller located outside South Africa who admits -in fact states it explicitly - that the invoices reflect false information to circumvent customs duties. This is criminal and the seller should be banned immediately and should not be allowed to do business on BOB ever again.

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    You need to share with other members who is this buyer or seller. So all members can protect them self from fraudulent transactions like this from this person.

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      Had a similar experience with a seller outside the rep., wanted to arrange own shipping through UPS and use UPS's payment feature where you pay them and they pay the seller on collection so there's no risk to the seller, he flatly refused.;)


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          Both Seller and Buyer are subject to criminal sanction.Conspiring to avoid payment of VAT and import duties is a very serious offence with jail time awaiting-as authorities are unable to prosecute seller the buyer will face the music this side-- Do not mess with SARS-- NOT WORTHWHILE THE RISK JUST TO SAFE A FEW HUNDRED RANDS.


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            Hi All

            Unfortunately this falls outside our realm of control and responsibility. We cannot control this nor can we do anything about it, as we are not involved in the delivery of these items. The seller is based overseas and technically local laws do not apply to them, as SARS has no jurisdiction over foreigners in other countries. If anything the buyer can be liable for any fees, penalties or legal action.

            Kind regards


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              Hi Cuan,

              Can Bidorbuy please request the seller to state this in their listings? That we as South Africans are liable for any and all custom duties payable. There are many buyers on Bidorbuy that have never purchased from overseas sellers, and they could be stepping into a huge mess without even realizing it.

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                This happens almost everywhere, I have noticed on most Ebay auctions that Hong Kong seller would mention that they will declare the parcel as gift and lower value.

                Maybe its illegal, but that;s how China sellers label their parcels. I have also noted that USA and UK seller mentions that they will never declare goods as gifts and lower value as its illegal.

                At the end of the day, it all depends on the seller and buyer. It si crime, if the buyer agrees then should thing go mout of hand they are responsible for penalties and any other fees.