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  • Customer services dont know what they are talking about.

    I had an item up for auction and then later discovered that the item I was selling was actually broken. I then deleted the one bid and closed the auction so I could relist this item as I didn't want to be misrepresenting a product.

    Bidorbuy then incorrectly notified the bidder that they had won the auction, even though their bid had already been deleted under the basis that the "Seller wants to relist the item as there is an error in the current auction description" (quoted from the bidorbuy website).

    I notified bidorbuy. A customer services agent replied and said that in future, when I list things I must be able to supply the goods to the customer as listed. This is fair enough but the problem was still not addressed.

    I emailed again, asking if they could reverse the sale, I then had a different agent reply to say that "Once there are bids placed on an item you may not delete bids as this is against our bidorbuy terms and condition(sic)". This agent is obviously unaware of the "Delte Bid" function on the website. I was then told to file an SNC agains the buyer...!

    I then emailed again, no reply as yet.

    The commision I'm paying on this non-sale is negligable, thats not the problem, the issue is that the buyer is upset because bidorbuy has now emailed him to say that I'm going to file a SNC against him because he hasn't completed the sale. I will not file a SNC aginst him as it's not his fault.

    Can anyone help me with this...?

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    Gosh - surely Bid or Buy allow for genuine mistakes? Perhaps you should just give the buyer the option to purchase the broken product if he/she wants it. If not, then neither of you want the sale to go through and no SNC or anything has to be filed. Just remember to be patient and courteous at all times and, hopefully, you won't have a bad experience with this. Good luck. :)
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      I think thats what I will do as I'm not having much luck with customer services. Its strange because previously I found customer services very helpful and efficient.



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        We do apologise for this, I think there has been a little misunderstanding here about how deleting and closing an auction works, and if there are bids on it. Prabashnee will be calling you to explain this and to explain why the bidder won the auction, including why a SNC has to be filed.

        Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.

        Kind regards


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          Hi Cuan

          Thanks for the response, I did get the call from Prabashnee. I have notified the buyer.