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  • Extremely bad service !!!

    I have had such bad service from bid or buy this last week that i am seriously considering closing my account.

    BOB Payment :

    no where on any website can i find any small fine print stating that bid or buy can with hold payments to do spot checks on any account.

    I have R2000 lying in my bob account with bid or buy, its been a week and im still struggling to withdraw the funds.

    After 4 days of clicking "request payment" i still had recieved nothing in my account, when i called bid or buy they said that they had sent me an email requesting proof of identity etc ... this email i still have never recieved, till today it is missing.

    4 days went past and no one has called me to find out why i havnt responded, they think i will not respond when R2000 of mine is lying in their account ?

    I asked them to forward me the mail again, and still i have recieved nothing yet, i called them again and asked where i can send proof of identity too, they gave me fax numbers, so i forwarded it to them, told them i need this money quite urgently. that was friday.

    When i asked what is happening to the interest earned on this money since it is lying for a week in bid or buy's account, i was told that bid or buy does not get any interest on my money. so the question is, where does the interest go ?? does nedbank take it ?? i dont think so, the staff is lying straight to my face.

    I called this morning and i was told no fax had been recieved, yet i have the confirmation reciept. so once again i sent them a fax and i am still waiting.

    I have now made 5 phone calls, 2 of them around 20 minutes long. i have sent 8 faxes all with my identity as well as proof of residence. All of this has cost me money.

    I have not had anyone from bid or buy call me back.

    I am not critising the spot check feature, i am critising the poor method that it was used to implement the feature.

    Apart from an email ( which is extremely un reliable method of communicating ) the user has no idea that the feature even exists. the Bid or Buy staff never get back to you, and you end up paying a sum of money to trace and force your money to be paid out.

    When i asked if there was a complaints department i was told there is not, when i asked the manager's name he wouldnt give it to me.

    in other words i have now been royly screwd over. i have 100% ratings as a seller so far, they had no reason to delay the payout, and even if they could think of one, they did not follow up or tried to make the experience a pleasant one. instead here i sit a week later with nothing to wshow for the item i sold ( which the buyer has been using for over a week already ).

    item sold last week monday, it is now 7 days since the payment was made into bob pay )

    so what do i do now ?

    any ideas ?

    [ Edit - Update ]

    Finaly i was told that the money should reflect in my account by wednesday or thursday. my question still stands tho. who gets the interest for the 10 or 11 days my money was lying in bid or buy's nedbank account.

    secondly, it has cost me roughly R100 to get the R2000 paid out that is rightfully mine. - i suppose i have to carry these costs ??

    I have changed my profile payment to state that i will no longer accept bod payments at all.

    thank you bid and buy for making the last 7 days an week of hell for me as well as a very expensive one, and for stealing the interest on my money.
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    I do apologies for this however we have security measures in place to protect both buyers and sellers. We do state in our terms and conditions that we may request these details at any time, which we assume you read when you signed up.

    Due to the amount of queries we received on a daily basis we prefer email correspondence. The documents were not received on Friday and that would have been the reason why the payment was not processed.

    I can confirm that I have now received the documents at 12:48 today and will do the necessary.

    However again these checks are done to protect both buyers and sellers.
    Morne Booysen
    Security Enforcement Officer


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      it is not the checks i am moaning about. security checks is always good.

      it is the way it is implemented. if i had not called you guys 4 days after payment still had no reflected i would never have known that it was delayed due to security check.

      i am complaining because of bad communication. i had to carry the costs of all these calls and faxes sent.

      this is bad service and you need to do something about it. i will not use bob payment future again and until you guys have a better back up service i will refuse to use the service.


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        Please be advised a email was forwarded to you on 26/01/10 12:39 to request these details.

        Also bobpay eft is optional and it would be the sellers option if they would like to receive payment in this manner.
        Morne Booysen
        Security Enforcement Officer


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          I also had the same problem, I changed my banking details and the withdrawal was not processed for days till I contacted Bidorbuy and it was then that I found out I had to submit some documents.

          Morne, maybe the system doesnt send the email to inform sellers about the documents.



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            Hi All

            As we are an internet based business, we primarily use email as a form of communication, we can assure you the mails are sent, however, we cannot and do not control what happens after the mails are sent from our side. There could be numerous reasons on the customer side that caused this. Spam filters, mail marshal software, ISP mail filters etc. We do apologise for this, however, as stated previously we cannot control what happens after the mail is sent.

            Once again, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please also note, we will also be making this clearer in the bobPay Agreement (it is already included in our Terms and Privacy Policy).

            Kind regards
            Cuan Akal