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  • Bid inflation??

    I placed a bid on an item with a minimum of R100 increments and I set my auto-bid to a maximum of R2500. At the time my actual bid was at R2200. Some 6 hours later I received a notice that my bid has been increased to R2500 in order to outbid someone else. But on the bidding information page it shows both our bids at R2500 with me first and the other party (call them X) listed as runner-up. Now my reasoning is as follows: my bid was at R2200, so X had to offer R2300, after which my bid would have increased to R2400. Subsequently X would bid R2500 and I could only match that amount, implying that X was first to bid R2500 and had to be in the lead with me being runner-up. Or X upped the bid from R2200 to R2400, followed by my bid increasing to R2500, in which case X should not be at R2500. Or X upped the bid by R300 in one go from R2200 to R2500 which means he/she was first to bid R2500 and I could only match it because of my limit, which should once again put him/her in first position ahead of me. If, on the other hand, the process works such that my bid (for R2500) got preference because I set the limit long before the matching bid came in, it means that someone can happily increase their bid, safe in the knowledge that they can exit unscathed the moment they have pushed the amount up to another bidder's maximum. I'm not trying to cry foul, but it seems that the auto-bid feature places one at a serious disadvantage compared to normal bidding.

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    Hi frikdt. Obviously the other bidder pushed the bidding up with the various amounts until he/she reached your reserve amount. It doesn't always show this on the system but each time he/she would have placed a bid it would have asked if he/she wanted to return to the auction and, obviously he/she said yes and bid again (it would have been 3 x R100 bids and not one bid of R300). Have I understood your question properly? Even with autobids you still need to sit at the computer towards the end of the auction if you really want something.
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      Hi frikdt. Your bid gets preference as you set the limit before the other bidder so it is as if you bid 1st. You do not need to stick to the increments when placing a bid or setting a limit - that is just the minimum. So in this case if you are worried about limit pushing you could have set your limit to 2499 if you didn't want to spend 2500 or 2501 if you wanted to beat someone who was prepared to spend 2500 but didn't want to go over. You can also do it the other way when you are bidding if you keep getting beaten by an automatic bid i.e. if you have just been beaten on 2400 by an automatic bid and you think the limit has been set at 2500, you can bid 2501! Hope this helps. ;)


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        Hi Guys. Thanks for the answers, it helped a lot in making things clear.