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  • Emergency Lifeline.

    Hi there Admin:)

    When a seller is disabled/blacklisted an email is sent to all buyers to inform them of this development and warn them about pending payments etc.

    Would it be possible for BoB (within reason) to assist sellers in the same regard that are experiencing difficulties with contact / administrative resources?

    We are currently reeling in the nightmare situation of Telkom being down, this means, our email is down, our phones are down, our Telkom internet is down...

    In such a situation, could BoB not send an email to all my buyers informing them of the technical difficulties and letting them know that we are working on a resolution and in the meantime to contact me on my cell if need be?

    Just a thought...It would really help out..

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    Good idea Vision.
    Items I have for sale.

    Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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      I like it. I think most of us has had to endure a couple of days without internet due to moving, telkom, unforceen circumstances, etc. This would be a great help, but I think it should be done via Bidorbuy staff only. Like, we contact Bidorbuy and they send the email. Any other way could open it to abuse.
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        Hi All

        Unfortunately this won't be possible due to staff, capacity and resource constraints.

        I am sorry.

        Kind regards


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          That's understandable, I guess, Cuan. Fortunately we do have one another to rely on to some extent but wouldn't it be a good idea to encourage buyers to participate more actively in the Forum? I'm not sure how this can be done, though.
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