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  • Fraudsters ... help help help ... ! :(

    Good morning BOB,

    Query about sellers that doesnt respond, resulting in possible theft cases.

    I am a long time BOB buyer, and last year someone stole from me R3500.

    In the last month, 2 seller's (ESensuals & homemart1) dont want to respond after EFT's was done. Roughly R500 down the drain again.

    Can the security be beefed up in such a way, to protech the buyer more than the seller. I spoke to another person last week, who lost almost R2K, and said BOB is uselses, so are the saps, and the written off the money lost.

    Cant a rule be made, if you are a seller, pay a deposit, and if you have a certain % of sales successfully, then it will be refunded.

    The mentioned sellers have very good % ratings ... and I am clearly not the only person being ripped off from them in the last month.

    HELP !