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  • BoB SPAMMING worldcup

    Why am I being spammed with world cup ticket auctions???

    How come you don't send me reminders of the nice auctions of Dresden porcelain or Spitz shoes? The only e-mails I ever get is about the crazy Wednesday auctions.

    What is different about the World cup ticket sellers? IS IT LEGAL to sell your ID signed personally purchased tickets?

    Have a look at the questions on this (no ratings) seller's auction: Soccer World Cup 2010 - FIFA World Cup 2010 Portugal vs. Brazil Tickets - Category 1 for sale in Malmesbury

    Please advise if bid price is per ticket or for all 4.
    i am interested in taking all. - Asked by lailab (no ratings)
    15 Apr 21:08

    5500 per ticket is the current bid
    16 Apr 15:53

    Can i get a guarentee that these are legitimate tickets?? can you scan and email me a face copy of them? - Asked by segal123 (no ratings)
    15 Apr 20:40

    I haven't collected them yet.. not sure i can .. but i have paid fifa for them and been awarded the tickets.. if you are willing to pick them up you don't need to pay me until you have the tickets in hand..

    But i will call fifa now and see when i can collect these tickets
    UPDATED: 16 Apr 16:11
    I can go collect them right away.. but if the buyer wants to we can go together to collect the tickets. its not a problem i am pretty flexible. win the bid then we can talk after that
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    My puzzlement over the sales of tickets is based on the Limitation on Transfer of tickets by FIFA:


    4. Limitation on Transfer of Tickets
    4.1 Ticket Holders may not sell, offer for sale, resell, donate or otherwise transfer their Ticket in any way, without the specific prior written approval of FIFA. Transfer requests will be considered in accordance with the Ticket Transfer Policy defined by FIFA and available on - Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The purposes for the rule limiting Ticket transfers include: (a) event security, (b) consumer protection, and (c) economic fairness as described in greater detail on - Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
    4.2 Tickets may only be purchased from FIFA through FIFA or officially authorised agents of FIFA. Any Ticket obtained from any other source (for example, unauthorised intermediaries such as ticket brokers, internet auctions, internet ticket agents) will be rendered invalid, and all rights of entry into the Stadium will be nullified. Such Tickets will be cancelled by electronic or other means, and any person seeking to use such a Ticket obtained through unauthorised sources will be refused entry into the Stadium, ejected from the Stadium and/or will have their Ticket seized by the FIFA World Cup™ Authorities, in addition to other remedies available to the FIFA World Cup™ Authorities.
    4.3 Upon request from FIFA, Ticket Holders must explain how, from whom, for what consideration and from where they obtained their Tickets.

    I suppose there is something I don't know about which makes it legit? The sellers have documentation which allows them to transfer their tickets?
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    Items I have for sale.


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      The FIFA policy is a contract between the ticket purchaser and FIFA, it is not illegal to sell a ticket in terms of the law of the country. Tickets may be resold if written permission is obtained from FIFA. FIFA will reserve the right to revoke the tickets or bar the ticket holder entry into the stadium. This will be at the buyer's risk.

      Our newsletters do not contain any spam or mention of WC tickets for sale.

      Kind regards


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        If Bidorbuy did not send out e-mails promoting all their listings in the category "World cup tickets" then who is: [] ?

        I cant e-mail the thing to you - too big but here is a sample:

        Image Title

        FIFA World Cup 2010 Portugal vs. Brazil Tickets - Category 1 R4,000.00 Auction 4 17May14:15

        Image Title
        NextBid ItemType Quantity

        2010 Soccer DURBAN SPA 11/06/2010 - 18/06/2010 **8 SLEEPER**
        R4,000.00 Auction 1 11May16:00

        Match 59 - Cape Town Quarter Final Category 2 tickets x2
        R2,500.00 Auction 2 11May17:00

        R1,000.00 Buy Now 8 12May11:45
        Buying used goods is a higher form of recycling
        Items I have for sale.


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          This is not bidorbuy. It appears to be an affiliate who is doing this. We will be investigating further, as this is not acceptable.

          Kind regards