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  • Sales of MS License Keys

    Maybe I should do this over and over again to help me get my head around this.

    As a company we purchased 15 legitimate Windows 7 keys for use on our office machines. Consequently, we downscaled offices and only used 4 of the keys. The rest of them are still valid for use on other machines. We thought we might just as well sell them as there are no use for them, and what better place to sell than BoB!

    Subsequent to the auction, we got a couple of notices from the BoB Community watch regarding the sales of illegal items and then a Warning for the sale thereof. The item was deleted by BoB (Auction ID 23782523), motivated by Microsoft South Africa. I do not understand why, as the keys are legitimate and the reason for selling the keys was not purchased with the intention to make a profit, but it so happened that they were being resold due to unforeseen circumstances.

    When I contacted BoB Community watch I was told that all the Microsoft items were being removed in accordance with Microsoft South Africa's piracy rules and regulations. After my auction was closed, other auctions still continued and closed to successful bidders. Even more [FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']intriguing is the fact that there are auctions running nearly a week later, selling exactly the same items!?!?![/FONT]

    [FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']Can someone please take the time and explain this to me as I am dumbstruck by the fact that what the proverbial "Goes for the goose, goes for the gander" apparantly doesn't![/FONT]

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    Thank you for the post. The short answer is due to the fact that we cannot monitor every single new item listed on the site on a daily basis. Microsoft from time to time also monitor our site and alert us to such activity, as do our community members, by using the "spot a problem" link on the listing page to alert us to this, we then take the appropriate steps. If you see these items please feel free to alert us to it. We are also not experts in this field so sometimes we wait for a response from Microsoft regarding such items.

    We trust you find the above in order.

    Kind regards


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      Hi Cuan,

      Thanks for your prompt response.

      What I do not understand is that this particular item was reported and I received a warning and my auction closed. One would think that there would be some system in place to ensure that there are no further such sales, as my sale was not the only one on that particular day. Subsequent to the closing of my auciton, further sales still continued and closed? Shouldn't these then have been stopped as well? Or did Microsoft selectively identify auctions and BoB then closed only those?

      Doing a very quick browse to the Software section as you scroll down, you find the auctions for many such keys? So if this was such a big matter on Friday, then why is it continuing still the Wednesday thereafter?

      I can appreciate the matter of BoB not being able to monitor all auctions and newly listed items, but with Microsoft identifying "illegal" or "piracy" items this being fresh in mind, that there would be much better control to this?

      Warm regards


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        I believe Morne has responded to this telephonically, some items are left open for valid reasons... for security reasons we will not go into this.

        Because we allow such customisation of listing descriptions, no system or software would be able to prevent such items being listed or be able to check these automatically. All the software can see is images and text, it would not be able to distinguish between software types or keys or what is legal and what is not, that can only be determined manually (by a human).

        In essence what you are asking is similar to asking the police to be on every street corner to curb or prevent crime. It simply is not possible. We rely upon reports from community members, Microsoft etc. We have over 3500 categories to "police", 400 000 odd items listed daily, millions listed monthly, it simply is not possible to police or monitor this daily.

        The seller has a responsibility to ensure the item they list is legal and they have permission to sell these items. Failure to adhere to this policy has a wide range of consequences.

        Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

        Kind regards